In memory of Carlo Agrati / 1934-2022

The story of a successful company is one with the story of its founder. That of Dimac, a company founded in Tortona by Carlo Agrati in 1988, after years of research and experimentation in the processing of fasteners, has its roots in the 1950s, in the long wake of the great Italian mechanics.

Carlo Agrati died in Tortona on May 27, 2022.

In recalling the stages of his professional career, we pay homage to the memory of a curious, creative man with a great passion for his work and a lover of new challenges.

Carlo Agrati is trained at the school for experts mechanics in post-war Milan. These are difficult years, but full of hope, which will soon lead to the economic boom.

In the 1950s, Carlo Agrati made his experience as a mechanical designer at the studio Gusti di Milano, which designs and builds special machines and mechanical components for the automotive, pharmaceutical and food sectors

In 1958 with some partners he created SIMA, a factory for the production of automatic screw-head slotting machines and planetary die thread rollers. This is where he formed his manufacturing skills of fasteners, inventing and testing in person solutions that improve productivity and efficiency of machinery.

After 8 years, Carlo Agrati is ready to leave Milan to embark on a greater adventure: reconversion of a historic gear-manufacturing workshop in  Tortona into a factory for thread-rolling machines for screws and bolts called Ingramatic.

The Ingramatic threading machines designed by Carlo Agrati and produced in Tortona will be successfully  exported for years all over the world, in combination with an innovative washer assembly system.

The genius and entrepreneurial spirit of Carlo Agrati could not remain indifferent to the advent of automation. In 1976 he participated in the foundation of Vidue Elettronica, producer of CNC controls for machine tools.

Twelve years later, in 1988, Dimac was born. With Dimac synthesis is achieved between mechanics and automation, thanks to the collaboration with large companies such as Graziano and CMT, manufacturers of CNC lathes. During the 90s Carlo Agrati dedicated himself full time to Dimac, with automation projects and technological upgrades of cold forging and  thread rolling machines and the improvement of a washer assembly system with high efficiency.

The entry of his son Massimo into the company and a new focus on the market requests in terms of quality, challenged the company to  study and design of automatic machines for the 100% inspection and sorting of fasteners.

In 1998 MCV1 is presented, the first sorting machine that goes into production in 2000. Since then, growth has been rapid and the company has established itself on the market with important sales successes.

Subcontracting sorting is also implemented, an indispensable activity, according to the words of Carlo Agrati, to better understand the needs of customers, improve machines and consolidate their reliability.

Since 2010 Dimac has passed into the hands of the children Anna Maria and Massimo. Now it is a solid company, with a precise mission: 100% inspection and sorting. But that keeps its DNA unchanged, founded on deep roots, solidly planted in the great history of Italian mechanics.



Die Dimac mcv6 ist auf dem Weg Eine neue Generation von Dimensions- und Oberflächenprüfungen, NDT-Gefügeprüfung Mcv6 ist eine Kombination aus Hardware- und Softwaretechnologie der nächsten Generation mit Algorithmen der künstlichen Intelligenz

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