Our machines are used in all the countries of the world by the most important manufacturers of fasteners and components for the automotive, aerospace and assembly industries in general.

"We design and develop innovative solutions for the 100% inspection and sorting of fasteners and special parts"

The 100% automatic inspection to guarantee the final quality and as a method to predict and correct the process errors. How to pursue the objective of manufacturing fasteners with Zero defects or zero PPM.


Dimac srl
15057 Tortona (AL) Italy
S.S. N.10 per Voghera 93/5/D
Tel +39 0131863447
Fax +39 0131890624
r.e.a 156548, reg. imp. 2494 Alessandria
C.F. /P. IVA / VAT: 01368210066
Capitale sociale €150,000,00 int.vers.

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