Innovative solutions for the 100% inspection and sorting of fasteners and special parts

8 special controls

icone-01 SG
Super gewinde tool for 360° all around optical inspection of external threads. It allows to detect any small and localized thread defect


icone-02 MR-INSP
Mechanical recess-drives inspection with interchangeable penetrating gages. Accuracy < 0.1 mm


icone-03 High speed CRACKS CONTROL
with adjustable eddy current station


icone-04 HT CONTROL
Heat treatment inspection with eddy current module to sort parts by classes of hardness


icone-05 ST CONTROL
Straightness control for the parts after the heat treatment. Inspection of concentricity between head/shank.
Thread quality inspection all around 360°


Linearity software inspection tool to detect any burr and damage along the part profile and surfaces


Dimensional inspection independent from the orientation of a part


Function to verify the presence and check the quality of inner threads



1000 fasteners per minute

OUR MACHINES can guarantee the highest sorting rates according to the sorting criteria applied and to the standards of the automotive, aerospace and automatic assembly industries

Dimensional controls and inspection by attributes are performed by optical devices up to 1000 parts per minute
Crack detection and heat treatment inspection by eddy current are performed up to 250 parts per minute
Micro-defects and deformations all around 360° as well as bending detection are performed by high resolution cameras up to 200 parts per minute


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