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Italian company turns the spotlight on the inspection of tomorrow. The National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo is a “must attend” event. All in one place and within three days, attendees will be invited to discover the latest Fastener World Novelty. Furthermore, international representations, pavilions and specialist components manufacturers will be participating from afield, so this is a truly global supplier-sourcing opportunity in one compact location. Dimac, partnering up Angor-Intools, will be at the Expo to display their very latest technologies and products, plus their experts will be on hand to discuss how they can participate in cost reduction within supply chains, and how they can offer new, alternative, cost-effective solutions.

We talk about it with Mr. Andrew Dreger and Mr. Massimo Agrati.

Question (Q) “Mr. Dreger, both companies are dedicated to develop alternative solutions, with a vocation to promote innovation in the fasteners industry. What are your forecast for the Show?”
Answer (A) “Vegas always offers the chance to build business with the key international players of Fasteners Industry supply chain. We aim to repeat and exceed the success of the past editions in terms of audience and new opportunities.”

Q “Mr. Agrati, it will be also the occasion to blow out Dimac 30 candles, isn’t it?”
A “Actually we’ll celebrate the anniversary on 2018 but, for sure we’ll present within the Fair some of the events we’re planning, giving a warm welcome to customers, friends, attendees.”

Q “What can visitors expect to find at booth 518?”
A “As always to come together in a convivial and human-sized place, experiencing the latest inspection & sorting novelty. For instance, Dimac upgraded SPC-LAB series.”

Q “SPC-LAB is based on a unique technology optimizing the measurements and controls directly on the shop floor, beside the production machinery. Can you synthetize its strengths?”
A “It is versatile, easy to handle and very simple to use. There is no part fixing required as the parts are positioned on a V track support and it takes less than a second to perform up to 100 complex dimensional measurements. Simply pressing a button.”

Q “Experts and professionals will see it running during the Expo?”
A “Yes, they’ll able to test its capacities by tasting a bite of future, as it represents a state-ofthe-art for process controls and data collecting, one of a kind.”

Q “Last year you exhibited MCV1, a high productivity index and continuous rotary table machine. What is it for?”
A “It inspects a wide spectrum of cold forged and turned parts by high resolution optics and advanced NDT device, guaranteeing to obtain all the indicators to approach 100 percent OK parts.”

In other words, to hit the Zero Defects target. The good chat is almost up. Mr. Agrati and Mr. Dreger just announce that within the thirtieth anniversary activities, Dimac we’ll present a re-styled and modernized release of MCV1.

“MCV1 will be officially 20 years old on 2018. It marked a turning point on Quality Control scenario,” Mr. Agrati says. “Bringing Dimac to be distinguished for efficiency and high technology. We are working to clothe it newly, increasing its performances and facilities.”
Dimac and Angor-Intools will showcase their innovations, which could become the standards of tomorrow. Make a date for Tuesday, October 17 – Thursday, October 19, 2017, in the very heart of Las Vegas, for three days of business, innovation and networking.

What they say about us Dimac reliability is awarded by the trust of US excellence companies such as Sems & Specials, AIC California and CMG Park Forest and Canadian Formnet Inc. and Thompson Fasteners Inc.


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