Dimac SPC-LAB bei Fastener Fair ITALIEN: Schätzungen und Erwartungen


Fastener Fair Italy – 28 – 29 Settembre 2016

Anche la prima edizione della FFI è stata all’insegna del successo per Dimac. Gli espositori e i clienti si sono alternati nello stand, testando dal vivo la stazione mobile di controllo e misura di ultima generazione SPC-LAB.

Also the first FFI edition has been a success for Dimac. Exhibitors and customers alternated in the stand, trying out live the latest generation SPC-LAB mobile station for fasteners measurements and controls. Customers bringing their own master parts for a check have been impressed by the machine simplicity, accuracy and versatility.

SPC-LAB employs MCVx advanced software combined with a high resolution camera and collimated high precision telecentric lenses, very intuitive to control complex profile geometries with accuracy up to ±0.005mm.

With this mobile station it is possible to execute up to 100 measurements with a click and check several kinds of cold forged and turned fasteners. It allows to measure the parts as a caliper or enabling complete inspection plans by bar code.

The inspection plans and the related statistical data are stored and available for the networking  with the quality management system.

SPC-LAB has pleasantly surprised the customers for the measures reliability, convenience and for its made in Italy design. According to Dimac experts opinion, confirmed by the customers already using the station, SPC-LAB represents the effective and high-tech advanced answer to the data collection needs of any production department, guaranteeing a drastic reduction in terms of time and process costs.


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