Great success for Dimac at Wire 2016


The important International event of Düsseldorf, from 4th to 8th of April has shown a renewed vivacity of the automotive sector suppliers, confirmed from the great number of visitors, representatives of all the main countries of the world. The very new Dimac stand has impressed for the design, the style and the elegance. Particularly crowded since the first day has been used by the customers and by the sales forces as a real meeting point for the entire fair.

This WIRE edition has represented a turning point for Dimac, which presented itself to the buyers and to the international competitors with a new image and a new communication style, characterized by a graphic style very technological and by new multimedia contents.

The new factory monograph and the new machines catalogue have been appreciated by the customers for the richness of technical details and the range of the machines proposed.

This new communication style has attracted new potential customer and has allowed consolidating the partnership relation with the historical customers, which have met on the Dimac stand the greatest helpfulness to face their problems obtaining qualified replies to their demands.

The new things showed have stimulated the commercial cooperation with the sales forces of Europe and North America and contributed to start up new promotion channels and sale of Dimac machines in Turkey and in Taiwan.

Particularly profitable have been the visits of the German customers who have confirmed in the fair the machine for sorting and inspection orders that Dimac will deliver on the middle of 2016.

Visitors from all over the world have brought new projects and very special parts to inspect, for which it will be necessary to make some customization on the standard machines, without jeopardizing the versatility and the reliability, that are the main strength points of Dimac production.

The stand guests have been able to see the latest generation of MCV3 Dimac machine, dedicated to the inspection and sorting of the Brake-Booster bolts, equipped with the new station for the high speed heat treatment detection, the Eddy Current cracks inspection and the optical control of the rectilinearity and of all the 360° quota on the part.

Great interest has provoked SPC-LAB, the First -Piece Inspection System projected to be used directly on the production unit. SPC-LAB allows reducing drastically the SPC control times that now can be done directly on the production workshop without going to the metrological hall. With SPC-LAB the operators can do up to 100 simple or complex measures in one second, with the guarantee of executing them without touch, the results objectification and the data saving in a suitable format with the ERP factory system. Lower SPC measures times, guarantee and saving of the captured data, lower production costs, complete traceability.

Finally, Wire 2016 has been a real positive fair for Dimac, a launching pad towards the future and the new technologies, a firm step forward along the route that bring to the Zero defects target.

See you at Wire 2018


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