Las Vegas International Fastener Expo 2017

Dimac and Angor-Intools successfully exhibited at Las Vegas Convention Center new location, during the important expo held on October 17th-19th.

The booth has been changed for the nonce in a real workshop where Massimo Agrati and Andrew Dreger have met the US and Canadian loyal customers as well as several Fasteners Field attendees and experts interested in new 100% inspection & sorting projects.
This confirms the Italo-American partnership’s international strengthened reputation, among the most reliable US fasteners OEMs too.

Especially, the new technology developed for SPC data collecting has been appreciated: who wanted to test live SPC-LAB new generation series – i.e. the first-piece mobile station for in-process and post process measurements and controls – brought their own samples and masters to control, being pleasantly astonished by the machine user-friendliness and precision.

The new series is equipped with state-of-the-art MCVx software, coupled with a high-resolution camera provided with tele-centric collimated optics, allowing to control complex geometries dimensions, to process up to 100 measurements with a click and to measure any cold-forged and turned part with a +/- 0,005 mm accuracy.


Stand Dimac - Angor-Intools - Las Vegas International Fastener Expo 2017

Stand Dimac – Angor-Intools – Las Vegas International Fastener Expo 2017


Top-class manufacturers for automotive – such as Parker Fasteners, Arizona and Auto-Bolt, Ohio or MacLean-Fogg, Michigan – confirm they intend develop new customized solutions satisfying the objectification, sorting and traceability requirements and guaranteeing a constant quality control.
High-specialized customers as Sems & Special and Formnet Inc. announce that in 2018 they will increase their fleet of Dimac machines. Their managers’ words are a source of pride and pleasure, being evidence of excellence: “Dimac models represent effective, technological advanced and economically valuable answers to the production demands in terms of efficiency, reliability and accuracy”.

In addition to developing versatile systems optimizing the productive processes and the predictive management of the series production, Dimac owns a high know-how in side-extents too.
One of them has been treated during the Fair meeting, i.e. 3D print as a function of the fasteners designing just before the actual manufacturing. Since 2014 Dimac has been ahead of time by purchasing rapid prototyping equipment. 2018 expectations are to invest further on R&D, advancing the market requests.


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