New MCVx now available on all Dimac machines

dimac controllo e selezione inspection and sorting fasteners

The optical inspection system new release by means MCVx high resolution digital cameras, allowing to control any micro-defectiveness on critical fasteners such as titanium threaded rivets, is now available on all Dimac machines.

The interface simplifies the quota to inspect on every parts kind and geometry, enabling to capture 360° images. With few steps you can enter easily the available inspection and measurement tools.

You can also control any thread fundamental quota or contain in a unique function these tests, directly processing on the profile. The setup sequence is very easy:

  1. The operator utilizes the mouse to move two symmetric windows along the part profile, framing them on the threaded area to control
  2. The algorithm immediately detects the threaded profile geometry inside the windows and it displays the envelope
  3. The operator sets the envelope tolerance, defining +Tol and a -Tol values
  4. The new filtering tools allow to enhance the inspection method still further


Dimac has recently installed two ultimate generation machines on the Californian plant of Air Industries Company which boasts a long-experience on fasteners development and production for the aviation industry. Both machines are equipped with MCVx new release.

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