MCVx Remote. The best way connecting to Dimac machines

New MCVx Remote is the best way to manage Dimac 100% Fasteners Inspection & Sorting directly on the Net.

Dimac sorting and inspection 100% McvX remote

The original high performances of this software – first launched in 2015 – have been recently integrated into a business intelligence solution. Increasing the machine/PC/user’s interaction, MCVx Remote supports the quality process management, fully profiting Dimac MCVx Vision Software and allowing to control and process the inspection plans real-time and remotely, directly from your own desktop.

MCVx Remote integrates and connects the existing inspection & sorting systems, keeping the lines functioning. Moreover, it is very simple and fast to program.

Just like all Dimac software and applications, MCVx Remote is a multilingual release, compatible with the most common operating systems, with Dimac remote servicing options allowing to connect rapidly with Dimac technical support to troubleshoot and to get assistance real-time.

Dimac sorting and inspection 100% McvX remote

Next step will be Dimac Smart Apps, going to enable the entire inspection cycle monitoring from smartphone or e-mail every time and everywhere.

Dimac 4.0 solutions are proving to be profitable for customers, lowering costs and times, and enhancing the accessibility. Massimo Agrati, Dimac CEO, comments: “We invest in new technologies R&D to improve efficiency in different fasteners industries applications. And customers really appreciate this approach”.



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