Dimac on Fastener Technology International – December 2017-January 2018

A lot of news for Dimac on Fastener Technology International 2017 latest issue – i.e. 2018 first one too – :

  • At page 50, in the Emphasis: Rebuild & Upgrade column,PECOL – Sistemas de Fixação‘s case history about the digital era change for the first series of machines installed from 2001 to 2009 in the Portuguese plant. Daniel Santos – Technical Director   at Pecol – and Mario Brumini – Dimac Technical Servicing Manager – focus on the MCV5 Rebuild & Upgrade process, explaining which are the different phases. Benefits for customers in terms of performances, accessibility to Dimac most advanced software, connectivity and services are highlighted;
  • At page 52, in the Process Control Roundup column, about Volume Plus new release, showing the improvements in comparison with 2010 version and its using advantages for Fasteners OEMs;
  • At page 61, Straight From The Show of the latest Las Vegas Fair;
  • At page 74, between US. top-class high precision Testing & Gauging tools suppliers
  • At page 78, a short article about how SPC-LAB latest generation series is in line with the scale economies and lean production tenets



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