Ready to increase more and more


Dimac celebrates 30 years-old carrying on its own rise and growth path.

New spaces, next to the existing headquarter for the company specialized in technological inspection & sorting solutions of fasteners and special parts. A new headquarter completely renovated and planned out to host the offices and accommodate both technical-productive and supply areas.

We also estimate to achieve a R&D dedicated area, with workshops equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and rooms for continuous training courses.

We’re taking an important step forward, further highlighting how much Dimac targets quality and innovation for its products as well as for its representative headquarter.



In 2017, Dimac machines running in our Customers’ plants sorted about 35 billion of fasteners! 225-250 BILLION during the latest 10 years, from 2007 to 2017. Moreover, always during the past year:

54 machines manufactured+20% compared to 2016,
5 billion working hours Dimac machines running all over the world
–30% technical assistancethanks to Dimac 4.0 service and to the machines high reliability.

Then, Dimac worldwide Customers saved 180 billion €, amounting to 25% saving, thanks to Dimac machines high reliability and productivity.

 All that has allowed Dimac to increase 2017 turnover of +30%, compared to 2016.

After a very successful 2017, Dimac is ready to rise more and more!


Photo by Brad Barmore on Unsplash


Dimac srl
15057 Tortona (AL) Italy
S.S. N.10 per Voghera 93/5/D
Tel +39 0131863447
Fax +39 0131890624
r.e.a 156548, reg. imp. 2494 Alessandria
C.F. /P. IVA / VAT: 01368210066
Capitale sociale €150,000,00 int.vers.

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