The vision of future at Wire 2018

At WIRE 2018, Dimac will showcase its future vision, made up of automation and advanced man-machine interaction, development of control tools more and more sophisticated, programmable with a few clicks and using Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


Dimac will present 3 important products and services:

Inspection mobile unit for processes automation and SPC data collection, Industry 4.0-oriented. Directly placed in the shop floor, it would serve groups of presses, thread-rollers or secondary operation machines. A COBOT (collaborative, anthropomorphic robot) takes the parts at regular intervals, passes them into the TURBOCLEAN station before bringing them into the SPC control station for overall dimensional and attribute detection. The collected data are processed, SPC parameters are calculated and immediately transferred to the ERP system. This is a total innovation as it enables a complete non contact automatic control and data collection.Dramatically reducing any downtime involved in these procedures.


A machine for the 100% optical inspection and sorting of micro-screws <M3 for electrical parts and the for the fixing of the batteries on the new generation hybrid and electric vehicles. MCV0 controls up to 1000 screws per minute, coming close to a 95% efficiency, running 24/7. With this machine Dimac can offer a complete range of 100% automatic inspection and sorting machines for fasteners starting from M1,5 to M25, from 5mm to 300 mm total length.


The new, revolutionary Dimac Servicing Augmented Reality application for smartphones and tablets. By this APP, the operator of the sorting department or the maintenance staff can video-chat live with the Dimac Service getting immediate support through the screen of his smartphone or tablet. The Dimac service can guide the operator by drawing indications directly on the live screen and feeding augmented reality tools proposing directions, pictures, technical data, drawings, instructions and schemes. As an option Dimac can provide smart glasses with integrated live-cam to be wear for free-hands operations. The oculars of the smart glasses will show live images provided by remote by the Dimac service. Images would be visible like on a wide screen. Indications and information will be superimposed while the operator sets up the machine or troubleshoots.

Please come and visit us at Wire 2018 – STAND 15H11 – hall 15 -16-20 Aprile Düsseldorf


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