Dimac on the most important international magazines specialized on Industrial Fastener and Fixing

UMFORMtechnik Massiv+Leichtbau – no. 6

  • Page 9

Draht – no. 4

  • Page 14



Fastener + Fixing – no. 113

  • Page 76: Dimac explores new routes towards the Zero-Defect Target. An interesting focus witch special interview to GM Massimo Agrati giving a glimpse into the past-history, origins, way of success and future projects.
  • Page 180: the new, revolutionary app for Dimac Remote Assistance powered by ACTY©. Augmented reality applied to the Servicing. What is it? How does it work? Which are the benefits for customers?



Italian Fasteners – no. 73

  • Page 61: the most authoritative Italian magazine for fastener and fixing dedicates a large article to the new modular eddy current station developed by Dimac for the Heat Treatment control of fasteners used especially by the Automotive and Aerospace industry.



Fastener Technology International – October-November 2018 

  • Page 98: find the news preview for theInternational Fastener Expo in Las Vegas. Dimac will attend with its own partner and official distributor in Canada and US.Angor-Intools
  • Page 104: an interesting focus about the packaging solutions perfectly suited to the fastener and fixing industry needs. The new L-BOX, even more performing and serviceable. 
  • Page 113: quality flies high with SPC-LAB. The case history of the partnership with the French company A.H.G., important rivets supplier for the Aerospace industry.
  • Page 116-117: Dimac offers to the Fastener market state-of-the-art equipment for the Statistical Process Control. SPC-LAB mobile unit and its very recent COBOT evolution, SPC-ROBOT, are the real main characters of this insight article.




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