Dimac: The Future of Quality Control


Fastener+Fixing Magazine – # 117 – May/June

  • Page 112: Among the most innovative technologies in manufacturing – especially those industries dedicated to the automotive, the future of quality control – Dimac exhibited at the latest Fastener Fair in Stuttgart. New high-speed solutions for non-destructive controls to detect cracksheat treatment and for specific sorting even more performing. Read the Fair report, with the special interviews to GM Massimo Agrati, SK Control GmbH plant manager Lars Kunkowski and Dimac Sales Account Manager Simone Silvestri.



Fastener Technology International – June/July issue

  • Pages 76-77: 3D Software and Augmented Reality. An interesting insight about Dimac most advanced technologies, especially those applied to the automatic sorting machines and to the customers’ remote assistance.
  • Page 137: Essential to ensure reliable bolted joints for the automotive industry, used as spacers or shims, split-lock washers are among the most difficult fasteners to be inspected and sorted because of their millesimal thickness and mostly, for the deformations in the split area. Dimac MCV5 series keeps on evolving with a more performing and accurate system able to identify micro-defectiveness even on so hard parts. Read the article



Fastener Eurasia Magazine – # 65 – May/June

  • Page 12: the preview of the novelties that Dimac will exhibit at Detroit for the FF USA 2019. An insight about the inspection and sorting of the future, with the re-styled MCV1 series and the state-of-the-art technology also for the fasteners packaging, with the recent AVBC-BOX, realized through the partnership with the US Angor-Intools.
  • Pages 44-45: Exactness, efficiency, effectiveness are the basis of Dimac innovation theory. The focus concerns the non-destructive systems for the heat treatment control that will equip some of the new-concept next generation MCV models. Read the article.



Bağlanti Elemanlari Dergİsİ – Turkish issue of Fastener Eurasia Magazine 

  • Page 78: The partnership with Turkish companies leading the fasteners manufacturing for the automotive generates a technological added value also in some of the solution offered by Dimac: new special tools for threaded parts on the last generation MCV series, high-speed eddy current stationsRGB laser optics, peri-centricic objectives. An insight about thee feeding systems too, more and more innovative, just like the new Dimac elevator, Sherpa series.



Macchine Utensili # 3 and 4

  • Among the most innovative entrepreneurial realities exhibiting at MECSPE 2019 that more have been capable to take up the 4.0 Industry challenge, Dimac stands out for innovation, performances and product reliability. The article shows the new  MCV5 series upgraded and with special controls even more performing, from the detection of the thread presence and quality into the threaded holes to the simultaneous control of surface defectiveness on both the opposite sides of the parts.




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