How to integrate packaging solutions with 100% inspection and sorting machines

Packaging solutions with 100% Inspection & Sorting for automotive fasteners

Cutting-edge packaging solutions seamlessly integrated with 100% inspection and sorting machines designed in collaboration with our customers.

With strategic partnerships with leading European manufacturers and our trusted North American and Canadian partner, Angor-Intools, Dimac empowers any sorting machine with a packing system tailored to specific needs. 

Automotive fasteners, special parts, or any other precision components

Dimac presents a diverse range of packing system models, designed to suit requirements. carrousel types, conveyor belts, and roller conveyors, all expertly configured for carton boxes, plastic KLT boxes, nylon bags, and custom boxes. 

A plug-and-play interface for seamless connectivity

Dimac machines are delivered with a plug-and-play interface, ensuring seamless connectivity with your chosen packing solution. You have the flexibility to program sorting based on the number of OK parts per box or bag, all while keeping comprehensive statistical data reports for each box produced.

Focus on Dimac Angor Intools AVC-Box

Dimac Angor Intools AVC-Box, a machine for automated packing designed to handle KLT boxes, cylindrical cans, and bins. This machine effortlessly swaps out boxes until it detects full boxes ready to go. With manual commands for precision handling and a user-friendly console table, operators have minimal tasks to perform. Sensors are in place to prevent collisions, ensuring a smooth and safe operation. A simple click of the START CYCLE button, and you’re on your way to automated packing excellence.

But that’s not all! The AVBC takes it to the next level. This automatic vertically integrated box storage and loading system boasts virtually unlimited capacity while remaining compact and portable. One person can easily maneuver it in and out from behind the Dimac inspection machine. And it adapts seamlessly to containers of any size, ensuring maximum flexibility.

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