How to integrate the manufacturing process with the company ERP

All Dimac mcv 100% inspection and sorting machines can be equipped with suites for connection to companies’ MES or ERP for production process monitoring.

To meet this goal Dimac developed the Connectivity Pack 4.0, a software suite which includes API and utilities to keep the machine connected and exchange data with the company manufacturing software.

The software suite includes API like the mcv_Plant which allows the supervision of the machine functions in real time for the MES. Each machine in the sorting department is represented on the desktop screen with its icon. By clicking on the machine icon the current machine status is visible together with all the information regarding the current sorting cycle: total number of parts sorted, total OK parts, total NOK and classification statistics for the NOK parts

The API mcv_ERP allows to exchange the sorting cycle data between the Dimac machine and the company ERP system in CSV format or SQL database format.

The API mcv_Remote allows the off line programming of the Dimac sorting machine. This utility is very important because it allows to have a unique source of part-programs which is kept update into the company server. The quality manager can supervise and edit offline the part-programs while the machine is running in the sorting department and this leads to very important time savings because the machine never stop control.

Data collection in real-time offline monitoring and programming

  • Sorting statistics, measurements, and defects reports available for ERP data exchange
  • Industry 4.0 compliance
  • Offline machine supervision and programming through desktop utilities

All the new Dimac mcv 100% inspection and sorting machines support the Dimac Connectivity Pack 4.0

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