100% inspection

We design and develop innovative solutions for the 100% inspection and sorting of fasteners
and special parts produced by cold-forging, turning or fine banking processes.
We own the entire know-how to manufacture our machines:the engineering competence to design and realize reliable mechanical equipments as well as electric and pneumatic servo-devices, the R&D in hardware and software solutions to control and measure parts.
Worldwide the most important producers of fasteners and special components for the automotive, aerospace and assembly industries are using our machines to inspecting their parts.

SINCE 1988

OUR ADVENTURE starts with the design, the development and the production of automatic assembly devices for fasteners in parallel with the modernizing and automation of cold forging and thread rolling machines for fasteners and special parts.

In 1998 we deal with the MCV1 project, the first Dimac automatic 100% inspection and sorting machine with advanced vision system technology.
In 2003 we expand our range with two automatic machines, MCV2 and MCV5, truly versatile and user-friendly.
In 2005 was born MCV3 machine based
In 2006 is presented SPC-LAB the first system for in-process and post-process SPC Controls, designed to work in the shop-floor beside the production machinery.
Between 2007 and 2010 we raise the number of installed machines in the market and we extend our sales network worldwide, focusing our attention towards the after sales service which must guarantee prompt replies, rapid spare parts supply and servicing on site.
In 2010 we patent MCV4, an automatic machine capable of sorting two parts simultaneously.
In 2014 we design MCV_Belt, very simple machine and practical for rapid and high precision sorting.
In 2015 we reach the target of 500 machines sold and installed worldwide.



Dimac srl
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