AVBC-BOX – next generation automatic boxing machine

Dimac and Angor-Intools are dedicated to bringing a high-level of reliable inspection, sorting and packaging equipment to a variety of industries, each with its own unique challenges.

Aiming to excel at providing the most advanced technology to meet global fasteners OEMs’ demand, the Italian and North American company have developed their own fully automatic systems, as well as controls and software, making them perfect partners for product makers looking for unique solutions for special needs.

“We make every endeavor to serve our customers with the highest quality of service,” says Massimo Agrati, Dimac CEO. “Offering complete solutions. That’s our advantage. Dimac develops and markets high-speed 100% measuring and sorting fastener inspection systems, covering the total Quality Process Management with eight special series.”

The equipment enables precise measurement of high volume parts and components before they are introduced into production. “Our installations are custom-based on careful studies of our customers’ product, production lines and possible problem areas,” Massimo continues.  “Everything we do is geared towards increasing their productivity, decreasing their maintenance costs and boosting their overall profit.” Dimac fastener inspection systems are easy to set-up, run and maintain.  

They guarantee high performances, easy lineups and changeovers. Intuitive software makes it simple to create, store and retrieve sophisticated inspection plans. “We aim to lead the way toward zero defect quality,” explains Massimo. “This is why we provide an all rounder, 360° service. Remote and customer assistance via internet connection, on-site support, as well as prompt and efficient servicing, are must-have concepts for us.”

Increasing packaging efficiency

Angor-Intools has a proven history of creating cutting edge, unique, material handling equipment – helping to revolutionise the automated packaging industry. “Our systems are highly engineered and rugged,” Andrew Dreger of Angor-Intools comments. “While at the same time providing maximum operational flexibility.” Angor-Intools uses high-speed automated handling and packaging line solutions to box parts in any configuration and quantity according to customers’ requirements.

Belt loaders and conveyors are custom designed, capable of handling oily, dry or hot materials and even very small parts (such as small metal chips, screws, nuts) while magnetic ones represent the answer for problematic materials that wear or jam a conventional belt.

The AVBC-BOX is a next generation automatic boxing machine

Setup is rapid and easy:

  1. AVBC-BOX is connected to a Dimac 100% inspection and sorting machine.
  2. The operator adjusts the conveyor belt and places the boxes or the bags containers ready to be fed under the parts loading chute.
  3. Gravity will roll boxes/bags filled with parts to the downloading position.
  4. The operator puts the key selector on the automatic position.
  5. AVBC-BOX packing machine runs the cycle mode under the control of the master Dimac sorting machine.

Sensors prevent any collision and, in case of problems with the conveyor belt or the boxes positioning, alarms will indicate where the anomaly comes, making troubleshooting very simple. AVBC-BOX can be customised to pack high volumes of fasteners in boxes or bags, speeding up the factory automation and logistic. 

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