R2M and Dimac launch Biquad, for the management of operational databases supported by AI

R2M Solution and Dimac together announcing the development of Biquad, an ambitious and innovative industry 4.0 project. 

The training of AI QA algorithms requires a large number of technical images which have to be created and organized, that’s the work of Biquad: using AI to support the management of operative databases.

Moreover, Biquad offers the ease of loading, searching, and creating large set of images bringing a substantial saving of classifying costs and improved efficiency through AI-based controls on metadata.

The results obtained with the Dimac image databases can be obtained either with any manufacturing industry with a large amount of data to process.

Biquad obtained a substantial financial contribution through the open call of Mind4Machine EU project, along to the access to an advanced business coaching and training program.

The important element of innovation introduced by Biquad through the AI-Management of operative databases may have a big impact on how companies manage their operative data and promise to improve the efficiency and productivity of your company.

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