Dimac launches new SPC-LAB series

Dimac sorting and inspection 100% SpcLab

Dimac latest generation mobile unit SPC-LAB allows to detect any defectiveness  before they impact the production and to plan the corrective operations in the best possible ways.

Basically, SPC-LAB consists in a latest generation mobile unit for measurements and controls designed to increase SPC measures reliability and objectification, optimizing process control costs. The machine is compatible with the factories data collecting procedures and it is simple to use. Actually, fasteners market appreciates SPC-LAB measurements precision and repeatability, and ERP systems interfacing.

Dimac Emmegi sorting and inspection 100% SpcLab

An example is Emmegi, Italian company specialized in manufacturing small turned brass bars, equipping their production shops wit 3 latest generation SPC-LAB units.

The capability to test 3 orthogonal plans with a unique positioning makes procedures easier and faster, plus allowing the volumetric measures capture, representing the positioning accuracy.

Dimac Emmegi sorting and inspection 100% SpcLab

SPC-LAB uses the software capability on the best way, keeping  the principle of a simple Computer Numerical Control  program. The wide detection range of out-of-conformity cases, analyzed, classified and re-processed, allows to detect any millesimal defectiveness and to define swiftly even the most complex geometries.

Operativity is simplified by wireless mode, mainly in limited-space workplaces, where the presence of cables could be of a hindrance.


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