Wire 2018 and other April news

Fastener Technology International – April/May 2018 issue
U.S. press focused on Fasteners gives space to the 100% inspection & sorting by Dimac.

  • Page 57: in April, Fastener Fair – Cleveland will be under the spotlights. Dimac and Angor-Intools exhibit their latest technology. Interview with Massimo Agrati and Andrew Dreger
  • Page 64: Time is coming for the most long-awaited biennial exhibition dedicated to the international wiring industry. At WIRE 2018, Dimac sets the interactive management system for control and continuous improvement of processes and products.  5 steps contained in one acronym: Do-Innovate-Measure-Analyze-Check. 
  • Page 94: FF News & info column focuses on Dimac’s 100% inspection & sorting of  welding rings: extremely complex fasteners successfully sorted thanks to the vision software enhancement installed on the new MCV5 series.
  • Page 103: Simple, intuitive, fast. Dimac technology applied to Quality Control: from the machine to the sample replacement with a new master part, an unskilled operator sets in 6 easy steps taking about 10 minutes the procedure to sort only top-parts from a batch of retaining rings. That’s how …



UMFORMtechnik Massiv+Leichtbau – April 2018

  • Page 12: Dimac (Italy) – Boltun Corporation (Taiwan) – Eska Automotive (Germany), a successful international partnership fulfilled by the new MCV3 series.
  • Page 39: Dimac automatic sorting machines never get old! Hugo Benzing case history and MCV5 4.0 upgraded series to keep inspection and sorting standards on top, being abreast with the times and with the latest technological innovations. 
  • Page 57: The innovative station for heat treatment Dimac has designed to be compatible with the rotary table-based models MCV1, MCV3 e MCV4



Meccanica News – MECSPE 2018 SPECIAL ISSUE


Wire & Cable Magazine – March/April 2018



Draht – Aprile 2018

  • Pagina 21: la nuova stazione a correnti parassite in dotazione alla serie MCV3, implementa ulteriormente le prestazioni della macchina grazie a una tecnologia NDT d’avanguardia. La “case history” del cliente Eska Automotive.

Draht – April 2018

  • Page 21: the new eddy-current station MCV3 series is equipped with,  further enhances the machine performances thanks to a state-of-the-art NDT technology. Eska Automotive case history.




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