Dimac technological news on July-August-September press

FW – Fastener World – no. 170 – 2018

  • Page 196:  MCV1 and MCV3 installation, according to QST International Corp.‘s requirements is another success for Dimac’s inspection & sorting technology, which internalization process stretch to Far East too 



FFM – Fastener + Fixing – no. 112 

  • Page 145: focus on the  warehouse management systems  Dimac is currently using and future implementations towards a smart logistics. 
  • Page 162: Dimac latest 4.0 series  SPC-ROBOT opens new frontiers on control, measuring and SPC data retrieval for Automotive industry, relying on automation and collaborative robotics
  • Page 170: the most recent technological developments on 100% Quality Control for hard to inspect parts as the split washers. Project Engineer Andrea Cuttica explains which features make these fasteners defectiveness so difficult to detect and which implementations Dimac has developed on MCV5 series to guarantee the most accurate sorting under present state-of-the-art conditions.



Fastener Technology International – August/September 2018 issue

  • Page 38: R&D and New Technology are the key words for Dimac’s next International Trade Fair dates. Fastener Fair Italy first. Read the preview to know which novelties on IoT, Augmented Reality and Automation developed for 100% Quality Control applications Dimac will exhibit in Milan.
  • Page 62: how Dimac’s technology satisfy the whole productive process, from the fastener to the manufacturing planning, from quality control to the after-sales service.
  • Page 102: Dimac aims to excellence in solutions, models standardization and an intuitive and high-performing software – MCVx Vision System – unique platform which is the same for all the machines, which functions are constantly updated to the state-of-the-art technology and which evolution is guaranteed by new customized tools developed to solve any defectiveness and measuring case or the meet special inspection & sorting requirements.
  • Page 152: INTOOLS INC. and Angor  company profile. Dimac’s important partner and official distributor  of the 100% Inspection & Sorting machines in Canada and North America.
  • Page 180: the interview shows how Dimac, by the new  MCV4 series, make the Automotive special fasteners sorting possible even for the most difficult parts.



Fastener EurAsia – no. 60 July/August 2018 

  • Page 26: Dimac Servicing 4.0. The digital transformation applied to the after-sales, guaranteeing to all Customers real-time, reactive, proactive and predicting services. 



Subfornitura News – September 2018 issue

  • Page 35: focus on Dimac SPC-LAB and SPC-ROBOT new series and other news about Dimac technology 4.0 applied to fastener and special parts quality control.




  • Focus on the innovative functionalities installed on the MCV5 series to inspect parts with very special features as the split washers. Reduced width and deformations on the split area make the sorting very difficult. Dimac’s laser and optical technology, coupled to the vision software implementations offer concrete solutions, with tolerance quotes lower than 0,01 mm. Read the article >>



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