Dimac News, Waiting for the Fairs on March

Fastener+Fixing – no. 115 January 2019

  • Page 94: Dimac announces the news for efficiency & innovation – Zero-Defect targeted – in sight of the Fastener Fair 2019 at Stuttgart
  • Page 162: the case history of the partnership between Dimac and A.H.G., leading French company specialized on the manufacturing of rivets and threaded fasteners for the aerospace industry. The new generation of SPC-LAB series is the most performing answer to the titanium alloy rivets control which are assembled on the aircrafts made by international giants as Airbus




  • Dimac Spc-lab makes quality fly high. Dimac 100% inspection & sorting for the aviation fasteners. Read more >>


Manufacturing Journal – January 2019

  • Page 27: On the January issue of the magazine focused on the international industrial biz, Dimac is the innovative partner for 100% quality of the fastener manufacturing excellences dedicated to the automotive industry. Included in the article about Pecol. Read more >>



Fastener EurAsia – no. 63 Jan-Fab 2019

  • Page 12: Preview of the technological novelties that Dimac will exhibit at Stuttgart for the International Fastener and Fixing Fair. The hi-tech , high-speed MCV5 series and the mobile, plug & play unit for the statistical process control and measurement SPC-LAB are high-ranking
  • Page 48: During the Fastener Fair in Paris, Dimac novelties have been particularly appreciated, such as the Real Augmented Servicing, the new software releases for the vision system and the remote plant management of the inspection and sorting system. Then, the new SPC models, the MCV series 6.0 upgrade. Go ahead.
  • Page 76: The added-value partnership are essential for Dimac success. The case-history of the cooperation with AKS Otomotiv, Turkish leading company manufacturing high-precision fasteners and supplying worldwide the automotive industry. The implementations enhancing the MCV5 series, which becomes even more performing, meeting the special criticality issues on the inspection and sorting of difficult fasteners. Read the interview with Mr. Özcan Kaya, Quality Manager at AKS and with Massimo Agrati, General Manager at Dimac.



Subfornitura News – no. 1 February 2019

  • Page 36: in sight of MECSPE, the reference fair for the manufacturing industry, Dimac is one of the most innovative and reliable partners for the 100% quality control of fasteners. Read the interview with the General Manager Massimo Agrati about the novelties which Dimac is going to exhibit at Parma from the 28th to 30th of March, especially concerning the Statistical Process Controls.



Fastener Technology International – February-March 2019

  • Page 54: Co-innovation examples to guarantee the fasteners excellence through the Heat Treatment controlThe new high-tech, high-speed stations, using the eddy current technology have been implemented on the Dimac MCV2 series installed in the French manufacturing plant of ITW Rivex. The new model ensures and certifies the conformity, both dimensional and structural, especially of difficult cold-formed metal fasteners. ITW Rivex belongs to the US group ITW Shakeproof with branches in America, Europe and China, and with a turnover of 16 billion of dollars.
  • Page 64: Dimac MCV4 latest generation series – even more performing, ergonomic and easy to use – is among the “Top Products 2018”. The article focuses on the devices implementing the machine, e.g. the new eddy current stations for the cracks control, which guarantee the compliance with the highest quality standards criteria.
  • Page 78:  Dimac news preview about the novelties that the attendees of the Fastener Fair Stuttgart will find and experience at the stand 1818 – Hall 3 concerning new technologies applied to the 100% inspection & sorting
  • Page 146: The complexity of the inspection and sorting on special parts as the “nyloc nuts” specifically applied to the aerospace industry, finds a technologically advanced solution through the optical system installed on the Dimac MCV5 series, which benefits from a telecamera high resolution tilting camera for the thread control, combined to the new tool running on a comparative method, guaranteeing the measurement check and eventually the quality of the inner nylon ring.



Photo by Andreas Weiland on Unsplash


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