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Dimac spc-evo: the innovative solution for SPC Control and Data Collection of retaining rings, stamped fasteners and fine blanked components in production. 

Get ready to revolutionize your production environment with the latest patented generation of inspection equipment from Dimac – SPC-EVO. Designed specifically for retaining rings as well as for stamped fasteners and fine blanked components, it is the ultimate solution for parts with flat geometry of any shape.

The mobile system features a compact glass turntable with interchangeable blister magazines for parts, boasts high-resolution >5 Mpixel GigE digital cameras with special telecentric lenses and coaxial light rings for exceptional optical measurements. The unit is built on a frame structure on wheels, allowing it to be easily placed in the most accessible location in any production factory. With the option to add a rechargeable battery pack, it can operate without the need for a nearby electrical outlet.

The spc-evo innovative Dimac SPCx software can perform any type of measurement and characteristic, enabling backlight part profile analysis and surface controls by direct light illumination. Your production checks and data collection will never be the same again when you will introduce this piece of equipment.

The mobile station spc-evo is a challenger for the Route to Fasteners Innovation 2023 AWARD at the Fastener Fair Global 2023 in Stuttgart.

 It has been designed as an innovative solution for SPC checks and data collection in the production environment next to stamping/blanking machines.

Conventional manual measurements in manufacturing can be slow and inaccurate, varying from person to person depending on how they are held, squeezed, and interpreted. Measuring and recording the capability of up to hundreds of features by the conventional method on an array of parts is becoming an increasingly time-consuming process, prone to human error and lack of consistency.

The spc-evo concept has been subject to a validation process of eight months, directly at the factory of a Dimac customer, where the machine was installed in the production environment next to existing conventional manual SPC control stations.

Compared to the conventional method, the innovative spc-evo method offers many advantages.

  • The spc-evo unit can support the SPC Control process for a pool of 4 to 5 presses/machines nearby. 
  • SPC checks can be performed by unskilled personnel, while measurement accuracy is improved to be within ±5μm. 
  • With spc-evo, it’s no longer necessary to go to the metrological room to carry out complex measurements, saving time and increasing efficiency by 30% to 50% compared to the conventional manual method.
  • The system allows you to increase the number of controllable pieces for each SPC cycle, improving the consistency of the collected data and the quality control management. 
  • The SPC data collected is objective, free from human errors, available in real time, and accessible through the company network to be processed with the company ERP system

Take your production environment to the next level with Dimac spc-evo.

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