R2M Solution and Dimac: Industrial Innovation, together

Thomas Messervey, CEO of R2M Solution (Innovation accelerator, specialized on Industry 4.0 topics) and Massimo Agrati, CEO of Dimac (leading manufacturer of machines for visual inspection) signed today a research and innovation agreement, expanding existing cooperations started inside an international framework.

This strategic result demonstrates the great appeal of R2M Solution as an innovation provider, and the attention of Dimac to new technologies that can lead to non-conventional solutions and sustain continuous improvement. The cooperation will introduce in Dimac exciting topics like Natural Language Processing or Vision Transformers, embedded into industrial-grade, future-proof software products.

R2M Solution will also act as technology consultant, supporting Dimac in on-the-edge tasks like the evaluation of Artificial Intelligence for quality control.

A cooperation of two best-in-class players can only bring to interesting results – and to mutual benefits!