How to optical sort long parts on a slant V-Track machine without distortion in the images

We know How to optical sort 100% long parts with a slant V-Track machine without distortion in the images and with a consistent output rate. The new Dimac mcv2-xtr is the solution.

The new Dimac mcv2-xtr is the extended version of the best seller Dimac mcv2, the V-Track sorting machine suitable for parts with cylindrical symmetry made by cold forging and turning.

Mcv2-xtr has been designed to inspect long parts headless or headed like engine bolts and double ended studs up to Ø25mm by 150mm. Its wide working range has been achieved with the use of high-res digital Giga Ethernet cameras combined with the very special compact lenses Opto-Engineering® TC Core Plus issued in early 2022.

Dimac has been one of the “early-birds” users of the new Opto-Engineering® lenses which performed very well, ensuring the higher possible accuracy in the measurements of long bolts and screws, brake booster bolts, anchor bolts and double ended studs without distortion.


Among the mcv2-xtr available options is the NDT eddy current station for the heat treatment and material structure inspection by IBG® Prüfcomputer. This station is a “must-have” option allowing to perform important NDT controls on components for vehicles, trucks, trains, tractors, aircrafts, engines, hydraulic and pneumatic fittings which are mounted in automatic assembly lines.

Ancillary equipment like bulk feeders and packing machines in boxes could be provided with mcv2-xtr to have a complete turnkey solution.

High speed 100% inspection

Speed, Consistency, and flexibility are the most important features which Dimac mcv2-xtr can offer when it comes to the point to sort studs and bolts in such a wide range. Of course, the weight and the total length of the parts are conditioning the output rate in any V-Track machine, mcv2-xtr can sort every part with the best possible and consistent output rate up to 300 parts/minute.

Besides the output-rate, we should not forget the user-friendliness as very important factor to be mentioned, with a changeover time of a few minutes from the small part to the large part, without tooling required.

Glass or metal V-Track

Dimac mcv2-xtr can mount both glass and metal V-Track.

The parts are sliding by gravity along the V-track of the mcv2-xtr which can be either glass or metal. The passage of the part at the side camera is triggered by a laser sensor to perform the 2D shadow profile analysis with the compact Bi-Telecentric lenses by Opto Engineering®.

Does not matter the orientation of the part while sliding along the V-Track the Dimac MCVx software can inspect the most important dimensional features, including all the thread parameters.

Dimac mcv2-xtr vision system technical datasheet

  • Vision System Controller – Fanless 8th Intel generation (coffee lake) 2660 mhz DDR4 processor – GigE ports for high resolution cameras – USB 3.1 ports + standard USB ports. Windows 10
  • Digital camera by Allied Vision Technology 
  • Vision System software Dimac MCVx release 2022

Dimac mcv2-xtr working range

Headless and headed fasteners produced by cold forging or by turning process

  • Headless cylindrical and double ended studs : Ø 6 mm ÷ Ø 10 mm – Total Length 20÷150 mm
  • Headed fasteners : head diameter Ø 10 mm ÷ Ø 25 mm , body diameter Ø 6 mm ÷ Ø 10 mm – Total length 20÷150 mm
  • Fasteners body diameter to total length ratio 1:3

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