Unveiling the Future of Inspection with Dimac and Angor-Intools at IFE Las Vegas

Get ready for for an electrifying synergy as Angor-Intools joins forces with Dimac, to ignite your passion for innovation.

Massimo Agrati, Dimac Srl, and Andrew Dreger, the mastermind behind Angor-Intools, are all set to dazzle attendees at the IFE Fair USA with their groundbreaking vision for the future of fasteners quality control and handling. 

International Fastener Expo 2023
booth #2049 DIMAC / Angor Intools
October 9 – 11, 2023 // Mandalay Bay, Halls E & F

Now, what awaits you at the Dimac and Angor-Intools exhibit is not just a booth; it’s a meeting point which promises to show you the latest inspection and sorting technologies. Imagine 100% inspection machines for fasteners, state-of-the-art material handling equipment, cutting-edge belt conveyors, and automatic packing solutions – all crafted in collaboration with Dimac.

Massimo Agrati and Andrew Dreger are about to introduce you to the latest line scanning camera station and software upgrades by Dimac, ready to cater to a wide range of applications. Think pinpoint detection of small hints, dents, thread chocks, and minor surface damages. Feast your eyes on the Dimac MCVx software, renowned for its unparalleled optical measurement accuracy, and the MCVx Remote, your ticket to seamless remote inspection and sorting management.

And don’t forget the advanced predictive maintenance control tool, a game-changer for enhancing operational efficiency. We’re not done yet! Massimo Agrati is eager to spill the beans on their latest innovations. Meet the brand-new MCV6, alongside the MCV1 and MCV3 with side-line scanning camera stations, setting new standards in side-surface defect detection.

These stations are your gateway to inspecting a variety of cold-forged and turned parts with high-resolution optics, and they can be seamlessly integrated with advanced non-destructive testing devices for crack detection and heat treatment inspections. Massimo Agrati’s commitment shines through as he pledges to continuously enhance these machines in terms of performance and capabilities.


In conclusion, the union of Dimac and Angor-Intools at IFE USA promises to be a spectacle of innovation and advancement in the fastener industry. Their relentless focus on inspection, sorting technologies, and perpetual improvement is reshaping the landscape of fastener manufacturing.

Brace yourself for a firsthand experience of these extraordinary technologies and solutions that are set to redefine industry standards.Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this transformative journey. IFE Las Vegas USA is where the future of fasteners unfolds! Visit us at booth #2049

See you in Las Vegas 
@International Fastener Expo 2023
booth 2049 with Angor Intools
October 9 – 11, 2023 // Mandalay Bay, Halls E & F